Barb Rogers Inspirations. Let a professional, national award-winning costume designer create unique, elaborate and inexpensive costumes for your special events, theater productions, and costume parties.

French Clown 
As a professional costumer for over 20 years, I have never had a request for a costume I couldn't make. If you want to turn that cocktail dress into a dance hall girl gown, a suit into a frock coat, a robe into a Medieval costume, or a graduation smock into a Jester, and don't know how to begin, contact me for details. The price varies according to what you want and what second-hand clothing you have to work with.
Elaborate, unique costumes can be very expensive if you buy or rent; but because of my methods, I can do them cheaper, faster, and easier. Because I use your clothing, you will know the costume will fit and be comfortable. 

Custom Costumes