Need some insight into what's going on in your life? Receive a personalized reading by Author and Life Coach Barb Rogers. Using her own Mystic Glyph cards and traditional Tarot cards, Barb will create a reading for you focusing on questions you may have.
After reading the Tarot for over thirty years, Barb moved to Arizona, where she became fascinated with Native American Petroglyphs. Between field study and publications, she researched the use of Petroglyphs as a method of communication and developed a set of 72 cards and a book of instructions to give her more insight into readings for others. Her  "Mystic Glyphs" book is available on this website or you may contact her to receive a personalized reading.
Barb writes:
I do business and financial readings, relationship readings, and a full astrological reading that covers each of the 12 houses of your life. It's a wonderful tool to help you find clarity to those problems that may be disturbing your life.
If you are interested in a reading for yourself or someone you know, please contact me through my e-mail address to set up a telephone appointment. I will ask you to answer a few basic questions and give you information and pricing for various readings and services.
(For entertainment only).
Tarot and Mystic Glyph Readings